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Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Reichshof hotel Hamburg: grandeur in Art-Deco style

by Emiel Van Den Boomen

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Exiting the Reichshof hotel Hamburg and turn right you enter a colorful yet relaxing neighborhood. A church, a diversity of restaurants (we had a burger at Otto’s Burger) and an overall small-town atmosphere.

Exiting the hotel and turn left you enter into the natural habitat of tourist bus drivers (and their ticket vendors), homeless people hoping to get thrown a coin or two and thousands of people who flock together to catch a train: Hamburg central train station.

Hamburg street

Landmark hotel

Right in the middle between these areas your find Hamburg’s beloved landmark: the Reichshof hotel. The hotel originally opened its door in 1910. At that time, it was the largest and most advanced hotel in Germany, and one of the largest ones in Europe.

The hotel underwent many renovations (for sure after being partially destroyed in World War II) with the most recent one in 2015 when it re-opened with a new name: the Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton.

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Art Deco architecture

Almost everybody in town knowns the Reichshof. Not only for its history, but also for the Art Deco architecture that has now (after the recent renovation) been mixed with modern comforts. Immediately upon entering the hotel you understand why people love this hotel: the overarching feeling of grandeur. Stunning marble floors and pillars and decorative chandeliers. It feels like you are stepping back in time but without turning into an old-fashioned traveler. Classic design with a modern twist, but all beautifully balanced.

The lobby is a wonderful place to just sit down and watch travelers passing by. A great place to relax after a long trip. The hotel’s central location cannot be beaten. No need to spend a long time finding your way into town (which can sometimes be a real pleasure!).

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

Reichshof hotel Hamburg

The rooms

What I liked the best about the room is the big and (extremely) comfy bed! Exclamation mark. Not kidding, never have I slept that well in a hotel. I want such a bed at home too! The breakfast room (restaurant) with its wooden panels is impressive. It really feels like you are on a luxury cruise ship.

Consider a stay at the Reichshof hotel because it is the best central hotel in Hamburg. You can book directly via this Booking.com link or via the search box below. Check this more extensive review from fellow-blogger Matt Long. If you are interested in details of the design, read this post on architonic.com.


This trip was part of the Come to Hamburg promotional initiative. I would like to thank the city of Hamburg, the Gute Leude Fabrik and the team at the Reichshof hotel for our pleasant stay. Of course all pictures and opinions are my own.

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