Rijkswaterstaat Instawalk: flood-water bypass

Rijkswaterstaat is a Dutch government institution, responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. The great thing is they organize Instawalks! Rijkswaterstaat (or RWS) regularly invites (urbex) photographers to visit new and existing infrastructure projects. Pictures are shared on Instagram during the event, hence the name Instawalk. It’s an exciting way to visit places that are normally off-limits to people.

This time we went to explore a new project: the construction of a flood-water bypass that will protect our country from future flooding. It’s kind of an artificial dike but this one will actually open to divert flood water from the nearby river across a dedicated area of land. Let’s call it a flood-water gate. Hopefully we will not need it for at least the next decades or so! Now scroll down and prepare for lots of concrete…

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