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Rijkswaterstaat Instawalk: construction 3rd lock Prinses Beatrixsluis

Rijkswaterstaat is a Dutch government institution, responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. The great thing is they organize Instawalks! Rijkswaterstaat (or RWS) regularly invites (urbex) photographers to visit new and existing infrastructure projects. Pictures are shared on Instagram during the event, hence the name Instawalk. It’s an exciting way to visit places that are normally off-limits to people.

This time we went to witness a major operation involving a huge heavy-duty crane. At the Prinses Beatrixsluis a 3rd lock chamber is being prepared. This 75-year old lock is actually the largest monumental lock for inland waterway vessels in the Netherlands. Because of this expansion another monumental part of Dutch history has to be moved to make way for the new lock. This area used to be part of the New Dutch Water Line, a water-based (military) defense system that had to keep enemies out through the controlled flooding of land! The Water Line served duty between 1815 and 1940. Several bunkers that were part of the Water Line now have to be removed to make way for industrial expansion. Removed and not destroyed, because the Water Line is selected to become Unesco World Heritage in 2019! Huge Mammoet cranes are placed on top of one of the bunkers where soon this 1200mt heavy concrete structure will be moved 80 meters east…

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