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Movement swans flying

The magnificent Wiesbaden Museum

by Emiel Van Den Boomen


The Wiesbaden Museum: when your kids say “This is so cool” for at least 10 times, you know this museum is top of the bill.

The museum really surprised us. It combines natural history with contemporary art and paintings from the old masters.

Wiesbaden museum interior

The natural history part is fairly new and their exhibition approach is brilliant. Nature is being shown in 4 themes: Color, Shape, Movement and Time: the esthetics of nature.


1. Color

In the Color area the museum combines animals and plants carrying the same color. Right opposite it shows how mankind tries to mimic the natural colors for use as paint. It’s amazing to see animals with the same color together…kind of makes you wonder if they are real!

Colors in museum Wiesbaden

Blue sea star

Orange colour Wiesbaden museum

Yellow nature

2. Movement

How do animals move around? What parts of their body do they use to move? Fascinating again to discover flying snakes, to walk below flying swans or to see an octopus from up close.

Movement swans flying

Bird head

3. Shape

I didn’t expect that the shape collection would fascinate me the most. A video was played about the Alsomitra, a plant which at first glance looks uninteresting….until you learn that they can ride the wind for distances of 10 kilometers. The Alsomitra inspired us humans to build the first flying wing aircraft.

Sea animals

And what about the sea beans? Because of the shape of its pod they can travel from one continent to the other by just floating on the sea. After reaching another continent it still has the power to germinate and grow.

Shape sea

Animals of course also have the most fascinating shapes you can think of.


Shape lance urchin

Sea stars colors

4. Time

We were amazed to see this 30 million years old skeleton….the animal used to swim in the shallow lagoon that covered the area. “That’s nothing”, our guide Dorothee mentioned. “Look over here, this fossil is hundreds of millions of years old.” I felt so tiny.

Time skull museum

Fossil museum

Within the museum you will encounter many doors and stairways, leading you suddenly from the nature part into a room with contemporary art or a room with statues and paintings of old masters. It’s part of the experience to get lost and to get confronted with all the museum has to offer.

Family travel Wiesbaden


Wiesbaden Museum

I can highly recommend this museum (also with your kids). Make sure to visit it when you are in Wiesbaden. Look for the statue of Goethe in front of the museum. According to Patrick our guide he looks like (and I quote) “a Calvin Klein model sitting on chewing gum”. Anyway, Wiesbaden is full of statues and again our guide Patrick explained it quite clearly: “You have only three kinds of statues in Wiesbaden: Goethe, Schiller….or some Emperor.

Goethe statue

Want to read more about Wiesbaden? Check out Wiesbaden, the city that runs on water.

Our family has been traveling to Wiesbaden by invitation of Wiesbaden Marketing.

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Laurel June 17, 2013 - 13:20

I’ve been to Wiesbaden several times as my mother-in-law lives there, but never thought about going to the museum. Definitely looks like a worthwhile visit. Thanks for the tip.

Emiel van den Boomen June 17, 2013 - 21:54

Really Laurel, such a coincidence that you have been to Wiesbaden so many times…We might even have bumped into each other 🙂 Next post will be showing more Wiesbaden travel tips and if you tips to add, let us know!

Nomad and Villager June 16, 2013 - 21:25

You have this wonderful ability that whenever I see your photo’s and read your story I want to ho there. Thank you.

Emiel van den Boomen June 16, 2013 - 21:40

That’s exactly what I am aiming for with my travel stories…that means I reached my goal. Thank you!


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