Istanbul highlights walking tour

by Emiel van den Boomen on April 8, 2014


Most of Istanbuls highlights are to be found on the historic peninsula; the area of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. How to get around? How to see the most important places if you have only 1 day to spend?

We visited Istanbul end of February. The weather was gloomy but still we had a great time experiencing the vibe of the city. A city where East literally meets West; where Europe and Asia are connected by the impressive Bosphorus bridge.

Bridge over the Bosporus in Istanbul

I would like to show you how we walked through the historic part of Istanbul, from the Galata Tower all the way to the Blue Mosque. A walking tour that will cover all the highlights, easily to manage within 1 day.

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A tour of unknown Brazil (part 2): story of Father Eustaquio

March 30, 2014 Brazil

Our family has a special link with Brazil. In part 1 of this story you might have read about our connection: the Dutch missionary who worked in Brazil early last century (1925-1943) and who was worshipped for his ability to heal people. His name: Father Eustaquio. He was my father’s uncle. Still today people remember […]

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Surreal places in the Netherlands: Radio Kootwijk

March 16, 2014 Netherlands
Radio Kootwijk

I love to visit and write about surreal places! Earlier I have been showing you surreality from around the world (part 1 and part 2). But did you know we have some surreal places in the Netherlands as well? This is the first one I want to share with you: Radio Kootwijk. It’s not a […]

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Turkish meets Swiss delight: Mövenpick hotel Istanbul

March 7, 2014 My reviews of books, accommodation and more
Moevenpick hotel Istanbul

“Welcome to the Mövenpick hotel Istanbul, Family van den Boomen. We have been expecting you!” We were welcomed in the lobby of the hotel. Someone held up a tray with orange-mint drinks in a typical Turkish glass as well as a plate with different Turkish delicacies. Nice; put a smile on our faces. This warm […]

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Beyond soccer and carnaval: a visual tour of unknown Brazil (part 1)

February 18, 2014 Brazil

This post will show you a different side of Brazil. This is about those small towns and villages where the mailwoman is still an attraction, where dogs sleep on quiet streets, and police officers have long lunches because there is not much to do anyway. Places that might not be on your list when you […]

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Rio de Janeiro by bike!

February 7, 2014 Brazil
Rio by bike

Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch, but when I am on a bike I am happy! Riding a bike means freedom, invincibility and lots of fun at the same time. We also believe it’s the best way to discover a city. So when we travel we take every opportunity to rent a bike and start exploring. […]

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Unforgettable time in Mauritius – the #MyMauritius video

February 1, 2014 Mauritius
Mauritius video

Finally it’s here: the #MyMauritius visual story: 14 bloggers lived unforgettable moments on one of the most beautiful islands of our planet… moments that took our breath away. Watch the Mauritius video full screen and make sure to turn up the volume of your speakers! Every time I watch this video I am longing back […]

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Is South Africa safe? (part 2)

January 21, 2014 South Africa
Safety South Africa

After my first post about Safety in South Africa I kept on getting emails from people with questions like: “Is it really safe?” “All these scary stories on other blogs, are they true?” People were still concerned about the safety issue in SA. An interesting list of questions came from Marcel. He lives in Canada […]

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Our favorite Angkor temples

January 7, 2014 Cambodia
Angkor Wat

I go through my 485 pictures of Angkor: fabulous temples, stunning natural scenery and friendly local people. A truly magical place. This is the first of three posts about our favorite Angkor temples. The one you are reading right now is mainly talking about the main temple of Angkor Wat and also provides general tips […]

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Magnificent Angkor Thom: a city within Angkor

January 7, 2014 Cambodia
Angkor Thom

Faces of Bayon, Terrace of the Elephants, Baphuon, Gate of the Dead, Terrace of the Leper King…..after reading these names on the map we were so ready to visit Angkor Thom! The beauty of the former city of Angkor Thom is stunning (just like the names of the various temples, gates and terraces by the […]

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