48 Hours in Arnhem with kids (part 2)

by Emiel van den Boomen on July 21, 2016

Windmill at open air museum in Arnhem.

In this post we continue to explore the historic Dutch city of Arnhem and check out things to do with kids! At the end of post 1 I left you somewhere on a terrace or inside a bar with a drink, waiting for a surprising dinner. Well, here we go with part 2 of ‘48 hours in Arnhem with kids’!

Go and check part 1 before you continue to read. That will give you a better impression of what Arnhem has to offer to you and your kids within that time frame of 48 hours.

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48 Hours in Arnhem with kids (part 1)

July 13, 2016 About traveling with your children!

Arnhem is a Dutch city in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. This part of the country is actually well-known for its abundant share of historic cities, charming villages and scenic landscapes. More than 150,000 people live in the city of Arnhem and there are a lot of things to do and places to see! […]

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Rotterdam: transformation through architecture (part 2)

July 2, 2016 Netherlands

“Every city needs a living room and there was no such thing in Rotterdam yet.” – Jan Knikker, MVRDV architects. We are a big fan of Rotterdam…. We had to pleasure of joining an international press trip to explore Rotterdam from a different angle than we normally would do: architecture & design! This is part […]

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Rotterdam: transformation through architecture (part 1)

June 23, 2016 Netherlands
Rotterdam architecture

“The world we live in can sometimes be brutal and careless. But everybody has a right to ‘Schoonheid’ *. That’s how I want to design for people.” – Daan Roosegaarde (artist and innovator) * ‘Schoonheid‘ is a special Dutch word that can be translated with beauty, aesthetics and purity at the same time…) This is […]

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About being a tourist in your own city: #MyDeventer

June 6, 2016 Netherlands

Have you ever considered playing tourist in your own city? To spend a full day exploring the places that you always felt were way too touristy for you? To look at your city from a different perspective? That is exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago in my hometown Deventer. I wrote about […]

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Colorful Burano

May 21, 2016 Italy

We liked Venice, but we loved the island of Burano! The exceptionally colorful houses flourish in the sunlight and reflect in the water of the Venetian Lagoon. Like a smiling rainbow. Contrasting colors merge and become one happy universe. The colors are a feast to the eye. Unfortunately the decay of some houses is clearly […]

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Amazing tulip fields in the Netherlands

April 24, 2016 Netherlands
Tulip fields Netherlands

Recently we cruised through tulip bulb farmers’ fields here in the Netherlands. They are such an impressive sight! We had so much fun spotting, watching and photographing them. Lying on the ground we tried to capture the most beautiful views: the typical Dutch scenes that are so famous all over the world. People travel to […]

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10 of the world’s most amazing ancient ruins

April 18, 2016 More travel inspiration
Ancient ruins of the world

I was going through our travel archives and found out we actually visited a lot of archeological sites: ancient cities, monuments and temples. Mysterious and impressive, I always love to visit these ancient ruins. Some of the ruins we visited were nothing more than a pile of old stones….at least according to our kids. But […]

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Visit Deventer: my favorite spots

March 31, 2016 Netherlands
Visit Deventer

Welcome in my hometown Deventer! 1,5 hour from Amsterdam this historical city will surprise you. Let me show you my favorite spots and I’ll make sure you want to visit this charming, laid-back town. So when you are tired from chaotic Amsterdam, hop on a train east and visit Deventer. Why should you visit you […]

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Best in Travel 2016: Rotterdam (by Lonely Planet)

March 20, 2016 Netherlands
Rotterdam mini guide

Lonely Planet recently launched their Top 10 of Top Cities in the world to travel to in 2016. Kotor in Montenegro is their no. 1 pick, but to the surprise of many we found the Dutch city of Rotterdam on spot no. 5! This is great news. Maybe you already know, but at Act of […]

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