Impressions of Phetchaburi: the place to be for temple lovers

by Emiel van den Boomen on August 20, 2015

Buddha and frescoes

It’s actually by coincidence that we ended up spending 4 days in the temple city of Phetchaburi (Phetburi), Thailand. While traveling in the South of Thailand I somewhere picked up a German version of the Lonely Planet. I flipped some pages and ended up reading about a place that I honestly had never heard of before: Phetchaburi.

Wat Mahathat tower

Phetchaburi: rich in temples

The German guidebook calls it the ultimate place ‘für Wat fans‘ (translated in English as the ultimate place for temple lovers). Lonely Planet continues to state that Phetchaburi should be on every cultural traveler’s itinerary. A sleepy provincial town with lots of temples, palaces and old teak shophouses with relatively few foreigners visiting. As our family hardly ever shows any sign of temple fatigue and we love places off the beaten track, Phetchaburi sounded like heaven to us!

Navigating in Phetchaburi

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