Ode to Bagan

by Emiel van den Boomen on December 6, 2014

Our first pagoda in Bagan

Thousands of ancient Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries,
Rising above the plains of Bagan,
Standing strong for more than 800 years,
Guiding you on a journey to discover monuments of the past.

Beautiful light in Bagan

Local kids watching sunset Bagan

Ready for sunset Bagan

The sunrise promising another glorious day,
Wherever you wander glimpses of archaeological beauty.

The sunset glow setting the pagoda on fire,
To leave visitors awestruck.

In awe..Bagan

Details temple Bagan

Sunlight on temple in Bagan

Sunset Bagan

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Crazy and surreal Monywa (Myanmar)

November 17, 2014 Myanmar
Monywa Myanmar

Surreal. Disorienting. Monywa is just one of many Burmese cities, but it has two special places that will certainly raise your eyebrows: the Thanbodday Pagoda with its 500,000 (!) Buddha images and Bodhi Tataung: two extremely large Buddhas of which one 116-metre (424ft) standing Buddha and one 95 metres (312ft) lying (or: reclining) one. Crazy! […]

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My personal Myanmar travel guide on Favoroute.com

November 8, 2014 My reviews of books, accommodation and more
Myanmar Favoroute

My personal Myanmar travel guide Recently I published my own personal travel guide about our trip to Myanmar on a website called Favoroute. Favoroute offers digital travel guides made by travel bloggers and journalists. Guides are made based on personal experiences and preferences. To my opinion a great way of sharing travel tips. And recently […]

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Hotel New York: a landmark in Rotterdam

October 12, 2014 My reviews of books, accommodation and more
Hotel New York Rotterdam

Let’s turn back the clock. The first time I entered Hotel New York in Rotterdam was back in 1994. I was a student of Japanese language at the Erasmus University. Those days Hotel New York was just recently opened after the building was abandoned for more than 20 years! The building with its two green […]

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Mandalay: start of our Myanmar trip

October 4, 2014 Myanmar
U-Bein bridge Myanmar

Flying directly with AirAsia from Bangkok into Mandalay, I was a bit nervous when passing the Burmese customs at this small airport. Yes, nervous. We all know that Myanmar suffered from a strict military regime for a long time (1962-2011!). How would the country and its people look like? Would we be able to enter […]

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Things to do in Rotterdam with kids

September 17, 2014 About traveling with your children!
Rotterdam by night

Rotterdam is our favorite city in the Netherlands. Might not come as a surprise that we took our kids for a weekend get-away 4 or 5 times already. Last night when I started writing this post I asked our kids why they like to be in Rotterdam. The impressive cruise ships sailing out of the […]

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Rotterdam not for the faint-hearted: City Racing

September 6, 2014 Netherlands

This was the first time I watched real Formula 1 cars driving, spinning and burning rubber from such a close distance. I knew about the excessive sound produced by these cars from watching Grand Prix races on television….never did I imagine that the power of these engines make your ears scream for protection. But now […]

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Our Myanmar Itinerary

August 17, 2014 Myanmar

We are back from 3 weeks traveling in the fascinating country of Myanmar. Formerly known as Burma, the country has opened up its borders again for tourists after years of military regime. For those wanting to travel to Myanmar, here are our first impressions and Myanmar itinerary. Over 2,000 pictures covering in total 6 places, […]

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Highlights of the Harz: from Wernigerode to the mines of Goslar

June 28, 2014 Germany
Wernigerode Castle

This post covers one of the true highlights of the Harz region in Germany: the Brocken mountain! Not only the mountain (with its 1141 meters) and its views are fabulous, but the train ride up the mountain is one-of-a-kind. A narrow-gauge railway takes you up in 1.5 hours (starting point the city of Wernigerode). The […]

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Highlights of the Harz: from Quedlinburg to Thale

June 22, 2014 Germany
Teufelsmauer Harz

In June we spent three beautiful days in the Harz region in the East of Germany. Honestly we didn’t know much about the Harz before, but after these three days I can safely say that we will be back! In an earlier post on this blog you were introduced to the Harz where I took […]

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