Things to do in Rotterdam with kids

by Emiel van den Boomen on September 17, 2014

Rotterdam is our favorite city in the Netherlands. Might not come as a surprise that we took our kids for a weekend get-away 4 or 5 times already. Last night when I started writing this post I asked our kids why they like to be in Rotterdam. The impressive cruise ships sailing out of the port was our son’s no. 1 reason.

Cruise ship Rotterdam leaving Rotterdam during Wereldhavendagen 2013

Totally different answer from our daughter: she enjoys the international atmosphere (“it’s just a very cool place“) and the sheer amount of fun activities. Well, enough for even more visits to Rotterdam in the future if you would ask me…

Erasmus bridge and De Rotterdam

Amsterdam is magical with all its picturesque canals and idyllic row houses. Rotterdam is not like that. Rotterdam is different. This city is challenging itself to keep on innovating: creating spectacular events, building contemporary architectural landmarks, offering great food from all over the world, and more…

Is it suitable for families to visit the largest city in the Netherlands? Is there enough to see and do? Of course! Elsewhere on this blog you can read about some of the great events that you can visit with your kids: World Port Days and City Racing. But let’s use this post to highlight some places that you can visit with your kids as well (far from complete, but a great way to start).

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Rotterdam not for the faint-hearted: City Racing

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Wernigerode Castle

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Teufelsmauer Harz

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Wassermuhle Quedlinburg

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Battambang Cambodia

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My travel gear (or: how I travel)

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London with kids (about being the ultimate tourist, fun and a great apartment)

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London with kids

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